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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
明後日(n-adv,n-t) day after tomorrow/(P)/
明後年(n-t) the year after next/
明主(n) wise ruler/
明美(adj-na,n) picturesque/beautiful/
明け払う(v5u) to open/to vacate/
明徳(n) virtue/
明けの明星(n) Venus in the eastern morning sky/
明治Meiji era/(P)/
明け放れる(v1) darkness giving way to the light of the morning/
明らむ(v5m) to become luminous at dawn (esp. the sky)/(P)/
明かす(v5s) to pass/spend/to reveal/to divulge/(P)/
明白な事obvious fact/
明くる(adj-pn,pref) next/following/(P)/
明明(adv) brightly lit/lit up/
明を失う(exp) to lose one's eyesight/
明朝(n) Ming Dynasty/Ming-cho type(face)/
明察(n) discernment/penetration/insight/intellectual acumen/(P)/
明言(n) declaration/statement/
明達(adj-na,n) wisdom/
明媚(adj-na,n) beautiful/
明るむ(v5m) to brighten/to be refreshed/
明ける(v1) to dawn/to become daylight/(P)/
明徴(n,vs) clarification/
明亮(adj-na,n) lucid/clear/plain/
明く(v5k) to be open/(P)/
明日(n-t) tomorrow/(P)/
明け番(n) day off/off duty/
明り(n) lamplight/light (in general)/brightness/(P)/
明後年(n-t) the year after next/

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