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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
仰向け(n) face up/(P)/
仰仰しい(adj) exaggerated/bombastic/highly colored/
仰ぎ奉る(v5) (pol) to look up/
仰せ付かる(v5r) to receive a command/to be appointed/to be ordered/
仰臥(n) lie on one's back/
仰るとおりです(hon) I agree with you/
仰山(adj-na,adv,n) large quantity/plenty/abundance/great many/
仰天(n,vs) being amazed/being horrified/being taken aback/(P)/
仰せ付ける(v1) to command/to request/to appoint/
仰視(n,vs) looking up to/revering/(P)/
仰ぎ望み(vs) look to (for help)/look up to/reverence/
仰せられる(v1) (pol) to say/to state/
仰々しい(adj) exaggerated/bombastic/highly colored/
仰ぎ見る(v1) to look up/
Show details for あお、あお(い)あお、あお(い)セイ、ショウblue, green
Show details for あか(るい)、あか(るむ)、あき(らか)、あ(ける)、あ(く)あか(るい)、あか(るむ)、あき(らか)、あ(ける)、あ(く)メイbright
Show details for あか、あか(い)、あか(らむ)、あか(らめる)あか、あか(い)、あか(らむ)、あか(らめる)セキ、シャクred
Show details for あかつきあかつきギョウdawn
Show details for あが(める)あが(める)スウreverence
Show details for あきあきシュウautumn
Show details for あきな(う)あきな(う)ショウtrade
Show details for あけあけシュvermilion
Show details for あさあさチョウmorning, dynasty
Show details for あさあさhemp
Show details for あさ(い)あさ(い)センshallow
Show details for あさるあさるリョウfish
Show details for あざあざcharacter
Show details for あざ(やか)あざ(やか)センvivid, fresh
Show details for あざむ(く)あざむ(く)deceive
Show details for あしあしキャク、キャleg

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