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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
間延び(n,vs) slow/stupid/
間引き運転curtailed transit schedule/
間引く(v5k) to thin out/to cull/to run on a curtailed schedule/
間近い(adj) near at hand/
間歇(n) intermittency/
間色(n) a compound color/
間尺に合わないdoes not pay/not worth (one's) while/
(n-adv,n-t) space/interval/(P)/
間一髪のところclose call/narrow escape/
間近(adj-na,n-adv,n) proximity/nearness/soon/nearby/(P)/
間を置いてintermittently/at intervals (of)/
間接(n) indirection/indirectness/(P)/
間切る(v5r) to plow through (a wave)/to tack (against the wind)/
間合い(n) interval/
間に合う(v5u) to be in time for/(P)/
間引き(n) thinning out/
間夫(n) a married woman's paramour/lover/
間伐(n,vs) periodic thinning (e.g. forest)/
間代(n) room rent/
間男(n) adultery/adulterer/
間際(n) on the verge of/just before/on the point of/(P)/
(n) space/room/time/pause/(P)/
間際にjust before/on the verge of/
間を空ける(exp) to leave space (between)/
間口(n) frontage/
間脳(n) the interbrain/the diencephalon/
間を取る(exp) to take the middle (between the two)/
間食(n) eating between meals/snacking/(P)/
間然(n) being liable to criticism/

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