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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
相見積りcompetitive bids or bidding/
相部屋(n) sharing a room/
相乗平均geometric mean/
相続税(n) inheritance tax/
相対的(adj-na) relative/(P)/
相対売買negotiated transaction/
相互主義principle of reciprocity/
相応(adj-na,n) suitability/fitness/(P)/
相対誤差relative error/
相半ばする(vs) to have a fifty-fifty (chance)/
相思相愛(n) mutual love/
相板(n) medium-sized paper/medium-sized book/
相互配属cross attachment/
相続人(n) heir/heiress/inheritor/
相対評価a relative evaluation/
相手役(n) opposing role/partner/
相似点(n) point of likeness (between)/resemblance/similarity/
相互銀行mutual savings bank/
相い性(n) affinity/compatibility/
相撲部屋(n) stable/
相手取る(v5r) to take on an opponent/to challenge/
相等しい(adj) equal to each other/
相撲にならない(exp) is no match for/can't hold a candle to/
相互関係(n) mutual relationship/interrelationship/
相談に与る(exp) to be consulted/
相俟って(adv) coupled with/together/
相好(n) features/appearance/
相互扶助mutual aid/
相反定理reciprocity theorem (physics)/

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