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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
有り触れた(uk) unsurprising/trite/commonplace/mundane/(P)/
有情(n) (Buddhism) sentient beings/(feelings of) humanity/
有限状態文法finite-state grammar/
有性(n) sexual/
有為の材man of talent/
有り合せ(adj-no,n) anything available/on hand/ready/(P)/
有識者(n) expert/knowledgeable person/
有徳(adj-na,n) virtuous/rich/
有機的(adj-na) organic/
有り難迷惑(adj-na,n) an unwelcome favor/
有形(n) material/tangible/concrete/
有効期限expiration date (on a credit card)/effective date/
有線通信(n) cable communications/
有力馬(n) hopeful (promising or strong) candidate/
有色(n) colored/
有りそう(uk) probable/
有給休暇paid vacation/
有色野菜brightly colored vegetables/
有終(n) perfection/
有給(adj-no,n) salaried/with pay/
有りのまま(adj-na,adv,n) (uk) the truth/fact/as it is/frankly/(P)/
有閑(n) leisured/
有害(adj-na,n) harmfulness/(P)/
有効期間(n) term of validity/period for which (a ticket) is available (valid)/
有無(n) yes or no/existence/flag indicator (comp)/presence or absence marker/(P)/
有為(n) (Buddhism) perpetual change caused by karma/vicissitudes of life/that which is made/
有効ポテンシャルeffective potential (physics)/
有価(n) (a) valuable/

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