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合同技術委員会joint technical committee/
合成樹脂plastics/synthetic resins/
合掌造りstructure with a sloping or rafter roof/
合力(n) resultant force/co-operation/Herculean strength/
合宿(n,vs) lodging together/training camp/boarding house/(P)/
合成酒(n) synthetic sake/
合従連衡(n) alliance/combining forces/
合方(n) (musical) accompaniment/
合板(n) veneer board/plywood/joint publication/(P)/
合い鍵(n) pass key/duplicate key/master key/
合資(n,vs) joint stocks/entering into partnership/
合点(n,vs) consent/assent/understanding/agreement/comprehension/grasp/
合法性(n) lawfulness/validity/
合同行為(formal act of) agreement/
合算(n,vs) adding up/totalling/
合性(n) affinity/compatibility/
合気会aikido world association/
合点が行く(v5k-s) to understand/to make out/
合い着(n) between-season wear/clothes worn in spring or autumn (fall)/
合冊(n) collection in one volume/
合祭(n,vs) enshrining together/
合気道家aikido practitioner/
合い詞(n) password/watchword/
合調tuning (music)/
合氣道(oK) (n) (MA) aikido/way of harmony with the universe/
合い釘(n) double-pointed nail/
合縁奇縁(n) a couple strangely but happily united/
合い判(n) medium-sized paper/medium-sized book/
合わせて百個a hundred in total/
合意(n) agreement/consent/mutual understanding/(P)/

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