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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
Show details for あ(う)、あ(わす)、あ(わせる)、あ(い)あ(う)、あ(わす)、あ(わせる)、あ(い)ゴウjoin, fit
Show details for あ(う)、あ(わせる)あ(う)、あ(わせる)カイ、エmeeting, association
Show details for あ(う)、あ(わせる)あ(う)、あ(わせる)ソウmeet with
Show details for あ(きる)、あ(かす)あ(きる)、あ(かす)ホウget tired of
Show details for あ(げる)、あ(がる)あ(げる)、あ(がる)キョraise
Show details for あ(げる)、あ(がる)あ(げる)、あ(がる)ヨウpraise
Show details for あ(たる)、あ(たり)、あ(て)、あ(てる)あ(たる)、あ(たり)、あ(て)、あ(てる)トウright, hit
Hide details for あ(てる)あ(てる)ジュウfill
充溢(n) overflow/abundance/exuberance/
充分(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (1) plenty/enough/sufficient/satisfactory/adequate/perfect/thorough/fully/in full/(P)/
充員(n) reserves/recruits/draftees/
充血(n) congestion (with blood)/
充当(n,vs) allocation/appropriation/
充填(n,vs) fill (up)/plug/replenish/filling (in tooth)/loading (gun with ammunition, camera with film)/
充満(n,vs) being filled with/teaming with/pregnant with/(P)/
充実(n,vs) fullness/completion/perfection/substantiality/enrichment/(P)/
充電器(battery) charger/
充用(n,vs) appropriation to/earmarking for/
充血した目inflamed eyes/(P)/
充塞(n,vs) plug/full up/being filled/stopped up/
充てる(v1) to assign/to set aside/(P)/
充足(n) sufficiency/(P)/
充電(n,vs) (1) charging (electrically)/(2) electrification/
充実したfull/complete/replete with/substantial (meal)/solid (reading)/
充電期間(n) period of time in which to recharge one's batteries/
充満ている(v1) to be filled with/to be pregnant with/to teem with/
充備(n) completion/perfection/
Show details for あ(びる)、あ(びせる)あ(びる)、あ(びせる)ヨクbathe

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