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Show details for あ(う)、あ(わす)、あ(わせる)、あ(い)あ(う)、あ(わす)、あ(わせる)、あ(い)ゴウjoin, fit
Hide details for あ(う)、あ(わせる)あ(う)、あ(わせる)カイ、エmeeting, association
会則(n) society or club regulations/constitution/(P)/
会所(n) meeting place/club/
会館(n) meeting hall/assembly hall/(P)/
会社更生法(n) Corporate Rehabilitation Law/
会津塗Aizu lacquer ware/
会舘(oK) (n) meeting hall/assembly hall/
会飲(vs) drinking and carousing together/
会話の組conversation class/
会堂(n) church/chapel/synagogue/tabernacle/
会場(n) assembly hall/meeting place/the grounds/(P)/
会社(n) company/corporation/(P)/
会合(n) meeting/assembly/(P)/
会を催す(exp) to hold a meeting/
会員証membership certificate/
会社を辞める(exp) to leave the company/
会食(n) dining together/mess/(P)/
会社立(adj-no) established by the company/
会社に出ている(exp) to work for a company/
会社の主great old-timer of the firm/
会席(n) meeting place/seats for the public/restaurant dinner/
会の創立者founder of a society/
会頭(n) society president/
会社葬company funeral/
会計係(n) accountant/accounting clerk/cashier/
会読(n) reading-and-discussion meeting/
会議室conference room/council room/
会社勤めserving in a company/
会議場conference room/place of assembly/

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