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Kanji: Radical: (しょく) : ホウ; あ(きる)、あ(かす); get tired of
Joyo grade: 8 Stroke count: 13 Index in Nelson dictionary: 5162 Index in Halpern dictionary: 1715
Japanese Reading English
飽きるあきる(v1) to get tired of/to lose interest in/to have enough/(P)/
ほうわてん the saturation point/
飽きっぽいあきっぽい(adj) fickle/capricious/soon wearied of/
ほうわようえきa saturated solution/
飽かずあかず(adv,exp) with untiring zeal/
飽きあき(n) weariness/tiresomeness/(P)/
ほうしょく(n) gluttony/satiation/engorgement/(P)/
飽きあきしょう(n) tending to soon tire of/fickle or inconstant person/
ほうわじょうきsaturation vapor/
飽かすあかす(v5s) to glut/to satiate/to weary/to tire/to bore/to weary/(P)/
飽くまで あくまで(adv) to the end/to the last/stubbornly/persistently/
ほうわかごうぶつ a saturated compound/
ほうまん(n,vs) satiety/surfeit/
飽く迄もあくまでも(adv) to the last/persistency/thoroughness/
飽き飽きあきあき(n,vs) sick of/bored (with)/
ほうわ(n) saturation/(P)/
飽きらないあきたらない(exp) unsatisfactory/unsatisfying/
ほうしょくだにbeing well fed and well clad/
飽く迄あくまで(adv) to the end/to the last/stubbornly/persistently/(P)/