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Kanji: Radical: (もん) : カン、ケン; あいだ、ま; between, interval
Joyo grade: 2 Stroke count: 12 Index in Nelson dictionary: 4949 Index in Halpern dictionary: 3323
Japanese Reading English
かんぱち(n) fish similar to yellowtail tuna/
あいだがら(n) relation(ship)/(P)/
間のあいのとdoor between the rooms/
間にわせまにあわせ(n) makeshift/(P)/
間諜かんちょう(n) a spy/
まみやかいきょうstrait between Sakhalin and the east coast of Siberia/
まどお(adj-na,n) at long distance/in long intervals/
かんせつてき (adj-na) indirectly/
えるまちがえる(v1) to err/to make a mistake/(P)/
間歇かんけつねつ(n) an intermittent fever/
間隙かんげきひvoid ratio/
かんけつねつ (n) an intermittent fever/
かんいっぱつ (n) hair's breadth/(P)/
まちがう(v5u) to make a mistake/to be incorrect/to be mistaken/(P)/
間鴨あいがも(n) (meat of) cross between a mallard and domestic duck/
まのび(n,vs) slow/stupid/
まびきうんてんcurtailed transit schedule/
まびく(v5k) to thin out/to cull/to run on a curtailed schedule/
まぢかい(adj) near at hand/
間歇かんけつ(n) intermittency/
かんしょく(n) a compound color/
わないましゃくにあわな いdoes not pay/not worth (one's) while/
あいだ(n-adv,n-t) space/interval/(P)/
のところかんいっぱつの ところclose call/narrow escape/
まぢか(adj-na,n-adv,n) proximity/nearness/soon/nearby/(P)/
間をいてあいだをおいてintermittently/at intervals (of)/
かんせつ(n) indirection/indirectness/(P)/
まぎる(v5r) to plow through (a wave)/to tack (against the wind)/
まあい(n) interval/
間に まにあう(v5u) to be in time for/(P)/
まびき(n) thinning out/
まぶ(n) a married woman's paramour/lover/
かんばつ(n,vs) periodic thinning (e.g. forest)/
まだい(n) room rent/
まおとこ(n) adultery/adulterer/
まぎわ(n) on the verge of/just before/on the point of/(P)/
(n) space/room/time/pause/(P)/
まぎわにjust before/on the verge of/
間をけるあいだをあける(exp) to leave space (between)/
まぐち(n) frontage/
かんのう(n) the interbrain/the diencephalon/
間をあいだをとる(exp) to take the middle (between the two)/
かんしょく(n) eating between meals/snacking/(P)/
かんぜん(n) being liable to criticism/
かんせつぜい (n) indirect tax/
かんけつ(adj-na,n) intermittence/intermittent/
間のあいのて(n) interlude/accompaniment/sideshow/strain of music/
間にあいだにwhile/during (the time when)/