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Kanji: Radical: (しんにょう) : イ、ユイ; ; leave behind
Joyo grade: 6 Stroke count: 15 Index in Nelson dictionary: 4745 Index in Halpern dictionary: 3166
Japanese Reading English
いせき(n) historic ruins (remains, relics)/(P)/
ゆいごんしょ (n) testament/
いちょ(n) posthumous work/
いでんがく (n) genetics/study of heredity/
いぶつ(n) relic/momento/
いぶん(n) literary remains/
いあい(n) bequest/relic/
いしつぶつとりあつかいじょlost and found office/
いでんじょうほうgenetic information/
いはつ(n) hair of the deceased/
いでんびょう (n) hereditary (genetic) disease/
いさん(n) inheritance/bequest/(P)/
いこ(n) orphan/
いぞうぶん legal portion/
いそう(n) posthumous works/
ゆいごんしっこうしゃ executor/
ゆいごんほそくしょ codicil/
いぼく(n) autographs (brushwork) of departed person/
いしつ(n,vs) loss/
いぞう(n) bequest/legacy/
稿いこう(n) posthumous manuscripts/
いぞく(n) bereaved family/(P)/
いしゅうcollection of writings by the deceased/
いほう(n) memory or autograph of deceased/
いえい(n) posthumous song or poem/
いさく(n) posthumous works/
いぎょう(n) work left at death/
遺址いし(n) (historic) ruins/
いしつひん lost article/
なくいろうなくcomplete/without omission/(P)/
いさんかんりadministration of an estate/
いぞくふじょsurvivor's benefit/
いけん(n) able men left out of office/
いこん(n) grudge/ill-will/enmity/(P)/
いせい(n) nocturnal emissions/oneirogmus/
いざい(n) bequest/inheritance/
いじ(n) orphan/
いたい(n) corpse/remains/(P)/
いくん(n) dying instructions/
尿いにょう(n) enuresis/bed wetting/
遺蹟いせき(n) (historic) ruins/
いしつぶつ (n) lost article/(P)/
いさんそうぞくぜい inheritance tax/
いし(n) dying wish/
いりゅうひん (n) lost articles/
遺誡いかい(n) dying instructions/
いさんそうぞくinheritance/succession to property/
遺すのこす(v5s) to leave (behind, over)/to bequeath/to save/to reserve/
いこう(n) works following the deceased/