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Kanji: Radical: (しんにょう) : シン; すす(む)、すす(める); advancing
Joyo grade: 3 Stroke count: 11 Index in Nelson dictionary: 4709 Index in Halpern dictionary: 3121
Japanese Reading English
退しんたいうかがい (n) informal (unofficial) resignation/(P)/
しんぽとう progressive party/
進捗しんちょく(n,vs) progress/under way/
しんぽてき (adj-na) progressive/
しんか(n) evolution/progress/(P)/
しんちゅう(n) occupation/stationing/(P)/
しんじょう(n) giving/presenting/
しんろ(n) course/route/(P)/
しんこう(n) giving a lecture in the Emperor's presence/lecturing to the emperor/
進みすすみ(n) progress/
しんきょう(n) progress/improvement/
しんにゅうろ (aircraft's) approach/
しんがくじゅく (n) cramschool (for boys and girls who wish to go on to the next stage of education)/
しんこうそう progressive aspect/
しんこうじょうきょうstate of progress/
しんげき(n,vs) advance/charge/
しんぱつ(n) start/
しんこう(n) sailing on/
しんげん(n) proposal/counsel/advice (to a superior)/
しんきゅう(n) promotion (school)/(P)/
しんていぼん complimentary copy/
進むすすむ(v5m,vi) to make progress/to advance/to improve/(P)/
しんかろん (n) theory of evolution/
しんてん(n,vs) progress/development/(P)/
しんこうけい (n) (the) progressive form/
しんがくりつ (n) university attendance rate/
しんしゅつ(n) advance/step forward/(P)/
しんこう(n) attack/
しんしゅのせいしんprogressive (enterprising) spirit/
しんしゅ(n) enterprise/
しんすい(n) (ship's) launching/
しんすう(number) base (e.g. 10)/
しんろしどうguidance counseling/
しんこうがかり (n) program director/steering committee/
しんこう(n) paying tribute/
しんにゅうとう (n) approach light/
しんもつ(n) gift/present/
しんど(n) progress/
進ぜる しんぜる(v5r) to offer/to present/
進みすすみでる(v1) to step forward/to volunteer/
しんがく(n,vs) going on to university/(P)/
しんぽ(n,vs) progress/development/(P)/
しんこう(n) advance/(P)/
しんぐん(n) (a) march/advance/
しんぐんのめいれい をくだす(exp) to give a marching order/
しんるい(n) advance (to the next base)/
退しんたい(n) movement/course of action/advance or retreat/(P)/
しんぐんちゅう on the march/