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Kanji: Radical: (いと) : ヘン; あ(む); knit
Joyo grade: 5 Stroke count: 15 Index in Nelson dictionary: 3583 Index in Halpern dictionary: 1387
Japanese Reading English
編みあみど(n) door made of interlaced reeds, bamboo etc./
編むあむ(v5m) to knit/(P)/
へんしゃ(n) (abbr) editor/compiler/
へんしゅうし editorial-staff member/
へんしゅう(n,vs) editing/compilation/editorial (e.g. committee)/
へんしゅうきのうediting capability/
あみもの(n) knitting/web/(P)/
編かけあみかけarea fill (in printing)/
へんたい(n) formation/
へん(n,n-suf) compilation/editing/completed poem/book/part of book/
あみあげ(n) high laced shoes or boots/
へんせい(n,vs) organization/forming/
へんじゃ(n) (abbr) editor/compiler/
へんしゅうちょう editor-in-chief/
編みあみばり(n) knitting needle/
へんねんたい (n) chronological order/
へんちょ(n) compilation/
編 みあみあげ(n) high laced shoes or boots/
編み笠あみがさ(n) braided hat/
へんにゅうしけんentrance examination (for a transfer student)/
へんしゅうきょく (n) editorial office (board)/
編輯へんしゅう(n,vs) editing/compilation/editorial (e.g. committee)/
編纂へんさん(n) compilation/
へんしゅうしゃ editor (in publishing, etc.)/
へんしゅう(n,vs) editing/compilation/editorial (e.g. committee)/(P)/
編みあみだす(v5s) to work out/to think out/
編みあみめ(n) stitch/
へんきょく(n,vs) arrangement/
編みあみぼう(n) knitting needle/
へんしゅうぶ editorial department/
へんねんし (n) a chronicle/
編みあみもの(n) knitting/web/(P)/
へんにゅう(n,vs) admission/incorporation/(P)/
へんせい(n,vs) composition/formation/organization/(P)/
へんそきかいknitting machinery/
あみあげぐつ (n) high lace shoes/
編みあみき(n) knitting machine/
へんしゅうしゅかん(n) editor in chief/
編みあみあげぐつ (n) lace-up boots/
編笠茸あみがさたけmorel mushroom/