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Kanji: Radical: () : ; こと(なる)、こと; different
Joyo grade: 6 Stroke count: 11 Index in Nelson dictionary: 3008 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2584
Japanese Reading English
いくどうおん(n) in concert/with one voice/unanimously/
いせいかんけい(n) relationships with the opposite sex/
いせいじん alien/
いほうじん (n) foreigner/stranger/gentile/
いどう(n) a change/(P)/
いけん(n) different opinion/objection/
いぎ(n) objection/dissent/protest/(P)/
いしょく(adj-na,n) unique/different color/novelty/
いせい(n) different name/
いせつ(n) different opinion/
いさい(n) genius/prodigy/
いたんしゃ (n) heretic/
いきょう(n) foreign country/
異にことに(adv,n,vs) difference/
いめい(n) another name/nickname/alias/
いたん(n) heresy/(P)/
いしゅ(adj-na,n) different kind (species, variety)/heterologous/heterogenous/
いじん(n) foreigner/different person/
いぶん(n) strange tale/another story/variant (reading)/strange report or tale/
いたいどうしんperfect harmony/
いしゅう(n) offensive smell/off-flavor/
いふう(n) unusual customs/
いじょうきしょう(n) abnormal weather/
いせいたい (adj-na,n) isomer/isomeric/
いへん(n) accident/disaster/
いさい(n) conspicuous colour/
いふ(n) different father/
いちょう(n) foreign court/foreign country/
いほうどうでんまく oriented conduction film/
いぶつ(n,pref) foreign substance/foreign body/xeno/
いきょう(n) paganism/(P)/
いたいじ (n) kanji variants/
てるいきょうにはてる (exp) to die in a strange land/
いか(adj-na,n) dissimilation/catabolism/catabolic/
いしつ(adj-na,n) heterogeneous/(P)/
いたい(n) different body/
いふく(n) child of a different mother/
いじょう(adj-na,n) strangeness/abnormality/disorder/(P)/
いほん(n) different edition/another book/strange book/
いじょうこうおんabnormally high temperatures/
いぶんし (n) outsider/alien elements/
いたんし (n) heresy/
いせい(n) the opposite sex/(P)/
いしゅ(n) extraordinary appearance/
いぎょう(adj-na,n) fantastic/grotesque/
いるい(n) varieties/different kinds/
いすう(adj-no,n) unusual/exceptional/phenomenal/