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Kanji: Radical: () : リャク; ; abridged
Joyo grade: 5 Stroke count: 11 Index in Nelson dictionary: 3007 Index in Halpern dictionary: 1169
Japanese Reading English
りゃくしょう(n) miniature medal or decoration/
りゃくず(n) rough sketch/rough map/
りゃくぶん(n) abridged sentence/
りゃくしょ(n) abbreviation/
りゃくれき(n) brief personal record/short curriculum vitae/short CV/(P)/
りゃくひつ(n) outline/synopsis/simplified form of a kanji/
りゃっかい(n) brief explanation/
りゃくしき(adj-na,n) informal/simplified/
りゃくでん(n) biographical sketch/
りゃくしきめいれいsummary order/
りゃくせつ(n) outline/summary/
りゃくぼう(n) ordinary cap/
りゃくふ(n) brief genealogy/abbreviated musical notation/
りゃくじ(n) abbreviation/simplified character/
略すりゃくす(v5s) to abbreviate/(P)/
りゃくご(n) abbreviation/acronym/(P)/
りゃくぎ(n) informality/
りゃくげん(n) brief statement/summary/
略してりゃくしてfor short/
りゃくしゅ(n) abduction/
りゃくしゅゆうかいざい (n) kidnapping/
りゃくごう(n) code/mark/symbol/
りゃくしきてつづきsummary proceedings/
りゃっき(n) abbreviation/
りゃくし(n) brief history/
りゃくたい(n) simplified form of a kanji/
りゃくそう(n) demitoilet/ordinary dress/
りゃくじゅつ(n) outline/summary/
りゃくだつ(n) pillage/plunder/looting/robbery/(P)/
りゃくが(n) rough sketch/
りゃくふく(n) everyday clothes/informal clothes (dress)/
りゃく(n,n-suf,vs) abbreviation/omission/(P)/
りゃくじょ(n) brief account/
ほぼ(adv) almost/roughly/approximately/(P)/
りゃくしょう(n) abbreviation/
りゃくめい(n) mnemonic/
りゃっきほう abridged notation/