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Kanji: Radical: (みず) : テン; そ(う)、そ(える); add to
Joyo grade: 8 Stroke count: 11 Index in Nelson dictionary: 2601 Index in Halpern dictionary: 529
Japanese Reading English
添いげるそいとげる(v1) to remain married for life/
そうず(n) water-filled bamboo tube in Japanese garden which clacks against a stone when emptied/
添える そえる(v1,vt) to add to/to attach/to append/to accompany/to garnish/to imitate/to annex/(P)/
てんかざい addition agent/
添えそえじょう(n) accompanying note/
てんぷしょるい(n) attached papers/
添えそえぢ(n) breast-feeding/
てんさく(n,vs) correction/(P)/
てんかぶつ (n) addition/additive/appendix/
てんぷ(n,vs) attachment/appendage/annex/
そえじ(n) subscript/
てんかもの (n) addition/additive/appendix/
添い臥しそいぶし(n) sleeping together/
てんじょう(n) accompanying/escorting/
添いそいね(n) sleeping together/
添えそえもの(n) addition/supplement/
てんか(n,vs) addition/annexing/(P)/
添うそう(v5u) to accompany/to become married/to comply with/(P)/
添えそえぎ(n) splint/brace/
てんぷ(n,vs) appended/attached/(P)/
てんじょういん (n) tour conductor/tour guide/(P)/
てんしょ(n) accompanying note or letter/postscript/
てんけい(n) persons or animals added to a picture/
添えそえがき(n) accompanying note/postscript/