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Kanji: Radical: (みず) : カツ; ; active
Joyo grade: 2 Stroke count: 9 Index in Nelson dictionary: 2552 Index in Halpern dictionary: 385
Japanese Reading English
かっしゃ(n,vs) vivid description/painting a lively picture of/
かっかざん (n) active volcano/
かつようご (n) conjugated word/
かつやく(n) activity/(P)/
かっせいたん (n) activated charcoal/
かつどうしゃ (n) (anti-war) activist/
活きいきづくり(n) (1) slices of fresh raw fish arranged to look lifelike/(2) slicing a fish and presenting it at table in its original form/
かつだんそう (n) active fault/
活かすいかす(v5s) to revive/to resuscitate/to make use of/
かっせん(n) valve/faucet/
活溌かっぱつ(adj-na,n) lively/active/
かっぱんぼん printed book/
かつぎょ(n) live fish/
かつろ(n) means of escape/
かっさつじざいthe power of life or death/
かっぱん(n) printing/typography/
かつぶつ(n) grand Lama/living Buddha/
かつりょう(n) activity/
活け いけばな(n) (1) flower arrangement/
かつどうしゃ activist/
かっせいか (n,vs) activation/
かっぱつ(adj-na,n) vigor/active/(P)/
かっせい(n) active/
かっけい(n) livelihood/
かつじたいでかく(v5) to print (on a press)/
かっぱんや a printer's/a printer/
かつよう(n,vs) conjugation/practical use/(P)/
かっせいおでいactivated sludge/
かつどうか (n) (anti-war) activist/
かつじほん printed book/
かつろかいたくdeveloping a way or means/
活をれるかつをいれる(exp) to apply the art of resuscitation/
かつげき(n) action picture/riotous scene/
かつどう(n,vs) action/activity/(P)/
かつがん(n) keen or piercing eye/
かつじたい (n) typeface/
かつれき(n) variety of kabuki, based on historical events/
活けいけうお(n) live fish/
かつようけい (n) conjugated form/
かつどうし specialty magazine/information digest/
かつどうてき (adj-na) active/
かつじをくむ (exp) to set type/
かつどうせいかresults (of an activity)/
かつじんが (n) tableau vivant/
活をめるかつをもとめる(exp) to try to find a way out/
かっせん(n) live wire/hot line (as in electrical hot-line working)/
活けいけづくり(n) slicing a fish and presenting it at table in its original form/
かっきづく (v5k) to become animated/to liven up/to become active/