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Kanji: Radical: () : リン; はやし; a wood, woods
Joyo grade: 1 Stroke count: 8 Index in Nelson dictionary: 2210 Index in Halpern dictionary: 861
Japanese Reading English
りんやちょう Forest Service/
林檎りんごびょう(n) slap-cheek (erythema infectiosum)/
りんさんぶつ (n) forest products/
林檎りんごしゅ(n) apple cider/
はやしHayashi (family name)
りんぎょうしけんじょう experimental forestry station/
りんぎょう(n) forestry/(P)/
りんがく(n) forestry/(P)/
林檎のりんごのしんcore of an apple/
りんどう(n) path through forest/woodland path/
りんかんがっこうcamp school
りんせい(n) forest management/
りんさん(n) forest products/
りんりつ(n,vs) stand close together/(P)/
りんや(n) forests and fields/
りんないinterior of a forest or wood/
林檎りんご(n) (uk) apple/(P)/
りんかん(n) in the forest/
はやし(n) woods/forest/(P)/
りんぼく(n) forest tree/
りんかんがっこうoutdoors school/