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Kanji: Radical: (つき) : チョウ; あさ; morning, dynasty
Joyo grade: 2 Stroke count: 12 Index in Nelson dictionary: 3788 Index in Halpern dictionary: 1695
Japanese Reading English
ちょうてき(n) an enemy of the court/traitor/
あさしお(n) the morning tide/
あさあけ(n) dawn/daybreak/
あさま(n) during the morning/
ちょうせんせんそう(n) Korean war/
朝な 朝なあさなあさな(adv,n) every morning/
あさはん(n) breakfast/
朝っぱ らあさっぱら(n) in the early morning/
あさめし(n) breakfast/(P)/
ちょうれいぼかい(n) an unsettled course of action/(orders or laws) being revised often with no guiding principles/
ちょうてい(n) Imperial Court/
あさつゆ(n) morning dew/(P)/
あさごはん (n) breakfast/(P)/
あさ(n-adv,n-t) morning/(P)/
あさざけ(n) a morning drink (of sake)/
朝シャンあさシャン(vs) shampooing in the morning/
朝ごあさごはん(n) breakfast/(P)/
ちょうせんご (n) Korean language/
あさゆう(n-adv,n-t) morning and evening/from morning until night/constantly/
あさいち(n) morning market/
あさひかげ (n) morning sunlight/
あさぎり(n) morning fog/(P)/
ちょうせんみんしゅしゅ ぎじんみんきょうわこくPeople's Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea)/
あさね(n) sleeping late in the morning/
あさごはん breakfast
ちょうらい(adv,n) ever since morning/
ちょうせい(n) government by the imperial court/
ちょうせんはんとうKorean peninsula/
ちょうせき(n-adv,n-t) morning and evening/from morning until night/constantly/
ちょうさんぼし(n) being preoccupied with immediate (superficial) differenes without realizing that there are no differences in substance/
ちょうしん(n) a courtier/
ちょうおん(n) imperial blessing or favor/
ちょうけん(n) laws of a nation/constitution/
ちょうせんにんじん(n) ginseng/
あさだち(n) erection when waking in the morning/
ちょうろ(n) morning dew/
あさぐもり(n) a cloudy morning/
あさがえり(n) staying out all night and coming home in the morning/
あさばん(n-adv,n-t) morning and evening/(P)/
あさめしまえ (adj-na,exp,n) a trivial matter/a cinch to do/it's a piece of cake/
朝餉あさげ(n) breakfast/
エネルギーちょうせんはんとうエネ ルギーかいはつきこうKorean Energy Development Organization (KEDO)/
ちょうか(n) the imperial family or household/
あさやけ(n) morning glow/sunrise colors/
ちょうこう(n,vs) bringing tribute/
朝凪あさなぎ(n) morning calm (over the ocean)/
あさねぼう (n,vs) oversleeping/late riser/(P)/