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Kanji: Radical: (つき) : ユウ、ウ; あ(る); have
Joyo grade: 3 Stroke count: 6 Index in Nelson dictionary: 3727 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2983
Japanese Reading English
ゆうきひりょう(n) organic fertilizer/
有りありさま(n) state/condition/circumstances/the way things are or should be/truth/(P)/
ゆうめいじん (n) celebrity/
ゆうきかごうぶつ organic compound/
有りありよう(n) state/condition/circumstances/the way things are or should be/truth/
ゆうりょう(n) admission-paid/toll/(P)/
有るある(v5r) (uk) to be/to have/(P)/
ゆうしかくしゃlicensed or qualified or eligible person/
ゆうそく(n) (1) holding a job/(2) learned/well-versed in usages or practices of the court or military households/knowlegeable/
ゆうきおん (n) (phonetics) an aspirate/
有りありうる(v5uru) to be possible/to be likely/to be probable/
有斐ゆうひかくYuuhikaku (law book publisher)/
ゆうきえんようばい organochloride solvent/
有りありがたくいただく (exp) to accept (a thing) with thanks/
ゆうし(n) voluntary/volunteer/sympathizer/(P)/
ゆうけんしゃ (n) constituency/electorate/(P)/
ゆう(n,vs) possession/
有蓋ゆうがいかしゃ boxcar/
有 りれたありふれた(uk) unsurprising/trite/commonplace/mundane/(P)/
うじょう(n) (Buddhism) sentient beings/(feelings of) humanity/
ゆうげんじょうたいぶんぽうfinite-state grammar/
ゆうせい(n) sexual/
ゆういのざい man of talent/
有りありあわせ(adj-no,n) anything available/on hand/ready/(P)/
ゆうしきしゃ (n) expert/knowledgeable person/
うとく(adj-na,n) virtuous/rich/
ゆうきてき (adj-na) organic/
有りありがためいわく(adj-na,n) an unwelcome favor/
ゆうけい(n) material/tangible/concrete/
ゆうこうきげんexpiration date (on a credit card)/effective date/
ゆうせんつうしん(n) cable communications/
ゆうりょくば (n) hopeful (promising or strong) candidate/
ゆうしょく(n) colored/
有りそう ありそう(uk) probable/
ゆうきゅうきゅうかpaid vacation/
ゆうしょくやさいbrightly colored vegetables/
ゆうしゅう(n) perfection/
ゆうきゅう(adj-no,n) salaried/with pay/
有りのままありのまま(adj-na,adv,n) (uk) the truth/fact/as it is/frankly/(P)/
ゆうかん(n) leisured/
ゆうがい(adj-na,n) harmfulness/(P)/
ゆうこうきかん(n) term of validity/period for which (a ticket) is available (valid)/
うむ(n) yes or no/existence/flag indicator (comp)/presence or absence marker/(P)/
うい(n) (Buddhism) perpetual change caused by karma/vicissitudes of life/that which is made/
ポテンシャルゆうこうポテンシャルeffective potential (physics)/
ゆうか(n) (a) valuable/
うちょうてん ecstasy/
ゆうじん(n) manned/occupied/piloted/
ゆうがいぶっしつ(n) toxic substance/