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Kanji: Radical: () : エキ、イ; やさ(しい); easy
Joyo grade: 5 Stroke count: 8 Index in Nelson dictionary: 2107 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2411
Japanese Reading English
易しいやさしい(adj) easy/plain/simple/(P)/
易しいやさしいぶんしょう easy (simple) writing/
えきがく(n) study of divination/
易いやすい(adj,suf) easy/(P)/
えきしゃ(n) fortuneteller/diviner/(P)/
易々やすやす(adv) very easy/
易よりいよりなんへすすむ to proceed from the easy to the difficult/
易しいやさしいひと(exp) promiscuous person/
いどうど mobility/
易をえきをみる(exp) to divine/
易 のえきのろくじゅうしけthe 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes/
易易やすやす(adv) very easy/
いそんひん (n) fragile article/
えきだん(n) divination/fortunetelling/
えききょう(n) I Ching/Yi Jing/The Book of Changes/
いかんせんせい(adj-na) compromised/