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Kanji: Radical: () : メイ; あか(るい)、あか(るむ)、あき(らか)、あ(ける)、あ(く); bright
Joyo grade: 2 Stroke count: 8 Index in Nelson dictionary: 2110 Index in Halpern dictionary: 855
Japanese Reading English
めいぶん(n) statement (e.g. law)/
あす(n-t) tomorrow/(P)/
明きあき(n) room/time to spare/emptiness/vacant/
明けあけ(n,n-suf) beginning/dawn/end/expiration/
明らかになるあきらかになる (v5) to become clear/
めいきょうしすい(n) clear and serene (as a polished mirror and still water)/
あさって day after tomorrow
みんちょうたい (n) Ming-style typeface/
明けあけがた(n-adv,n-t) dawn/(P)/
めいしてき explicitly/
みょうちょう(n-adv,n-t) tomorrow morning/(P)/
あからさま(adj-na,n) (uk) obvious/overt/plainly/frankly/
めいびん(adj-na,n) intelligence/discernment/
みょうごにち (n-adv,n-t) day after tomorrow/(P)/
さらいねん (n-t) the year after next/
めいしゅ(n) wise ruler/
めいび(adj-na,n) picturesque/beautiful/
明けあけはらう(v5u) to open/to vacate/
めいとく(n) virtue/
明けの明 あけのみょうじょう(n) Venus in the eastern morning sky/
めいじMeiji era/(P)/
明け れるあけはなれる(v1) darkness giving way to the light of the morning/
明らむあからむ(v5m) to become luminous at dawn (esp. the sky)/(P)/
明かす あかす(v5s) to pass/spend/to reveal/to divulge/(P)/
めいはくなこと obvious fact/
明くるあくる(adj-pn,pref) next/following/(P)/
明明あかあか(adv) brightly lit/lit up/
明をめいをうしなう(exp) to lose one's eyesight/
みんちょう(n) Ming Dynasty/Ming-cho type(face)/
めいさつ(n) discernment/penetration/insight/intellectual acumen/(P)/
めいげん(n) declaration/statement/
めいじてき explicitly/
めいたつ(adj-na,n) wisdom/
明媚めいび(adj-na,n) beautiful/
明るむあかるむ(v5m) to brighten/to be refreshed/
明けるあける(v1) to dawn/to become daylight/(P)/
めいちょう(n,vs) clarification/
明亮めいりょう(adj-na,n) lucid/clear/plain/
明くあく(v5k) to be open/(P)/
あした(n-t) tomorrow/(P)/
明けあけばん(n) day off/off duty/
明りあかり(n) lamplight/light (in general)/brightness/(P)/
みょうごねん (n-t) the year after next/
明るいあかるいbright, cheerful, bright
明けあけくれ(n-adv,n-t) morning and evening/all the time/
めいあん(n) light and darkness/light and shade/(P)/
明々あかあか(adv) brightly lit/lit up/
明るみにあかるみにだす(exp) to make public/to bring to light/
みょうねん(n-adv,n-t) next year/(P)/
めいげつ(n) bright moon/full moon/harvest moon/