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Kanji: Radical: () : アク; にぎ(る); grasp
Joyo grade: 8 Stroke count: 12 Index in Nelson dictionary: 1963 Index in Halpern dictionary: 585
Japanese Reading English
握りにぎりや(n) miser/grasping fellow/
握り潰すにぎりつぶす(v5s) to crush (with one's hands)/to abandon/
握りずしにぎりずし(n) hand rolled sushi/sushi ball/
握斧あくふ(n) hand-axe/
握りめるにぎりしめる(v1) to grasp tightly/
にぎりめし(n) rice ball/
あくしゅ(n,vs) handshake/(P)/
握りつぶすにぎりつぶす(v5s) to crush (with one's hands)/to abandon/
握り潰しにぎりつぶし(n) shelving/
握り鮨にぎりずし(n) hand rolled sushi/sushi ball/
握りめるにぎりしめる(v1) to grasp tightly/(P)/
あくりょくけい (n) hand dynamometer/
あくりょく(n) grip (of hand)/(P)/
握り拳にぎりこぶし(n) clenched fist/
握りにぎりめし(n) rice ball/(P)/
握鮨にぎりずし(n) hand rolled sushi/sushi ball/
握りにぎり(n) grip/handle/
握 らすにぎらす(v5s) to let (someone) take hold of your hand/
握る にぎる(v5r) to grasp/to seize/to mould sushi/(P)/
握り寿にぎりずし (n) hand rolled sushi/sushi ball/(P)/