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Kanji: Radical: () : ヨウ; あ(げる)、あ(がる); praise
Joyo grade: 8 Stroke count: 12 Index in Nelson dictionary: 1966 Index in Halpern dictionary: 593
Japanese Reading English
揚げるあげる(v1) to lift/to fry/(P)/
あげく(n-adv,n-t) in the end/finally/at last/(P)/
揚げあげだま(n) bits of friedbatter left after cooking tempura/
ようすこう Yangtze River (in China)/
揚げあげもの(n) deep-fried food/
揚げあげく(n-adv,n-t) in the end/finally/at last/(P)/
揚げあげばlanding stage/
揚げ あげだしどうふ(n) deep-fried tofu/
あげや(n) (Edo-period) brothel/
あげくのはて (adv,n) finally/in the end/on top of all that/
揚げあげだし(n) deep-fried (food)/
揚がるあがる(v5r) to rise/(P)/
揚げ鍋あげなべ(n) deep fryer/
揚げ あげまき(n) old-fashioned hairstyle/
揚げあげあしとり (n) faultfinding/
揚げあげちょう(n) (abbr) excess of withdrawals over deposits/
揚げあげぞこ(n) false bottom/
ようげん(n,vs) opening declaration/profession/declaration in public/proclamation/
ようりく(n) landing/unloading/
揚げあげど(n) push-up door/roll-up shutter/
ようりょく(n) dynamic lift/lifting power/
揚げあげいた(n) movable floor boards/trap door/
揚揚ようよう(adj-na,n) disposition/
ようりくりょう landing charge/
揚げあげあしをとる (v5) to find fault with someone/to flame someone/
揚げあげまく(n) entrance curtain (in Noh)/
ようたんき coal hoist/
揚げあげくのはて (adv,n) finally/in the end/on top of all that/
揚げあげひばりsoaring skylark/
揚 げあげあぶら(n) cooking oil/
ようりくかん landing craft/
あげはちょう(n) swallowtail butterfly/
揚げあげあし(n) find fault/
ようこうひ (n) lift-drag ratio/
ようすい(n) pumping water/
揚げあげ(n,n-suf) fried bean curd/
ようりくかんていlanding ship/
ようすいしゃ scoop wheel/(P)/