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Kanji: Radical: () : キョ; あ(げる)、あ(がる); raise
Joyo grade: 4 Stroke count: 10 Index in Nelson dictionary: 1902 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2456
Japanese Reading English
あげくのはて (adv,n) finally/in the end/on top of all that/
きょしょう(n) (presentation of) proof/
挙げあげくのはて (adv,n) finally/in the end/on top of all that/
あげく(n-adv,n-t) in the end/finally/at last/(P)/
挙ってこぞって(adv) (uk) all/all together/unanimously/
きょこく(n) the whole nation/
挙げあげあしをとる (v5) to find fault with someone/to flame someone/
きょし(n) bearing/deportment/
きょとう(n,vs) entire (political) party/(P)/
きょこくいっち(n) national unity/
きょよう(n,vs) appointment/promotion/
きょしゅ(n) raising (holding up) one's hand/salute/
挙げられるあげられる(v1) to be arrested/to be caught/
挙げてあげて(adv) all/whole/en masse/
挙げるあげる(v1) to raise/to fly/to give (an example)/(P)/
きょどう(n) conduct/behavior/
きょしき(n) holding a ceremony/
きょへい(n) raising an army/
挙がるあがる(v5r) to become prosperous/to be captured/(P)/
きょこう(n,vs) celebration (of ceremony)/solemnization/
挙げたあげたbrought up (e.g. topic)/
挙げあげく(n-adv,n-t) in the end/finally/at last/(P)/
きょそ(n) behavior/manner/