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Kanji: Radical: () : ショウ、キュウ; あつか(う)、あつか(い); handle
Joyo grade: 8 Stroke count: 6 Index in Nelson dictionary: 1836 Index in Halpern dictionary: 217
Japanese Reading English
扱くしごく(v5k) (uk) to draw through one's hand/to stroke (a beard)/to work someone hard/
扱うあつかう(v5u) to handle/to deal with/to treat/(P)/
扱きとすこきおとす(v5s) to thresh/
扱 わないあつかわないしなgoods not in one's line/
扱いあつかいかたway with (an animal)/how to handle/
扱き使こきつかう(v5u) to work someone hard/
扱きろすこきおろす(v5s) to denounce/to disparage/to lambast/to abuse/
使こきつかう(v5u) to work someone hard/
ろすこきおろす(v5s) to denounce/to disparage/to lambast/to abuse/
扱いあつかいにくいhard to handle/
扱い あつかい(n,n-suf,vs) treatment/service/