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Kanji: Radical: (ちいさい) : トウ; あ(たる)、あ(たり)、あ(て)、あ(てる); right, hit
Joyo grade: 2 Stroke count: 6 Index in Nelson dictionary: 1359 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2177
Japanese Reading English
とうようがい spot purchase/
当てあてじ(n) phonetic-equivalent character/substitute character/(P)/
当てっこあてっこ(n) guessing/
とうひ(n) propriety/right or wrong/justice/
とうがいじんぶつthe appropriate person/competent person/(P)/
とうにん(n) the one concerned/the said person/(P)/
当てあてごと(n) hopes/expectations/guessing/
とうけ(n) this or your family/
当ってあって(n) object/aim/end/hopes/expectations/
当たりあたりはずれ(n) hit or miss/risk/
とうちょくいん person on duty/
とうさいば (n) yearling/
当てもあてもなくat random/aimlessly/
当たりあたり(n-adv,n) hit/success/reaching the mark/per .../vicinity/neighborhood/(P)/
とうせんしゃ successful candidate/
とうわく(n,vs) bewilderment/perplexity/embarrassment/confusion/(P)/
とうかく(n) (abbr) projected to win/
とうこう(n) our bank/
とうらく(n) election results/
当てあてはずれ(n) disappointment/
当てあてこする(v5r) to insinuate/to satyrize/to take a dig at/
あてじ(n) phonetic-equivalent character/substitute character/
とうせいりゅうにいう(v5) to put (it) in contemporary terms/
とうや(n-adv,n-t) that night/tonight/
とうがいかんちょうproper authorities/authorities concerned/(P)/
とうち(n) this place (locality)/here/
とうしょ(n) this place/this office/
当てるあてる(v1) to hit/to apply a patch/(P)/
とうようかんじ(n) daily-use kanji/
とうしゃ(n) (this) shrine/(this) firm/
とざのがれ temporary expedient/
とうよう(n) daily use/
当てが れるあてがはずれる(exp) to be disappointed/
とうじこく (n) countries concerned (involved)/
当てあてずいりょう (n) conjecture/guesswork/
当たりあたりきょうげん (n) a hit play/
とうきょくしゃ authority (person)/
するとうめんする(vs) to confront (an issue)/to face/
とうがい(adj-pn,n) appropriate (authorities)/concern/applicability/correlation/
とうだい(n-adv,n-t) the present age/these days/(present) head of the family/
当たりあたりげい(n) successful performance/
とうき(n-adv,n-t) current term (period)/
当たり籤あたりくじ(n) winning ticket/lucky number/
とうさいごまyearling/one year-old colt/
とうめん(adj-no,n-adv,n-t) urgent/pressing/impending/
当てあてつけ(n) insinuation/
当 たりをあたりをとる(exp) to make a hit/
当りあたり(n-adv,n) hit/success/reaching the mark/per .../vicinity/neighborhood/(P)/
うととうせいふうにいうとas we would say nowadays/
当てあてど(n) aim/goal/