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Kanji: Radical: (うかんむり) : アン; やす(い)、やす(らぐ); cheap, relax, relieve
Joyo grade: 3 Stroke count: 6 Index in Nelson dictionary: 1283 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2171
Japanese Reading English
あんぜんほしょうじょうやくUS-Japan Security Treaty/
あんじゅう(n,vs) living peaceably/(P)/
あんぽり (n) Security Council/
あんぜんき safe period/
安安やすやす(adv) very peaceful/without trouble/
あずちももやまじだいAzuchi-Momoyama period (1558-1600 CE)/
あんらくし (n) euthanasia/(P)/
安くやすくゆずるto sell (a thing) cheap/
あんぽじょうやくsecurity treaty (esp. US-Japan Security Treaty)/
あんてい(adj-na,n,vs) stability/equilibrium/(P)/
あんぜんせい (n) safety/
安いやすいcheap, inexpensive
あんぜんをはかる (exp) to provide for safety/
あんていばん stabilizing fin/
あきformer name of Hiroshima prefecture/
あんしじゅつ (method of) euthanasia/
やすさかば cheap saloon/
やすうけあい (n,vs) promising without due consideration/
あんき(n) fate/safety/welfare/
安臥あんが(n,vs) quiet rest/
あんぜんとう (n) safety lamp/
あんぜんたいさくsafety measure/
あんていじょうたいsteady state/
あんていき stabilizer/
やすうけあい (n,vs) promising without due consideration/
あんのん(adj-na,n) peace/quiet/tranquility/
あべかわもち (n) (uk) rice cakes (mochi) with Kinako/
あんぜんべん (n) safety valve/
やすあがり(adj-na,n) economy/
あんぜんいき safety margin/
あんねい(adj-na,n) public peace/(P)/
あんたい(adj-na,n) peace/security/tranquility/(P)/
あんそくじつ (n) (Judeo-Christian) Sabbath/
安っぽいやすっぽい(adj) cheap-looking/tawdry/insignificant/(P)/
あんぜんうんてん(n,vs) safe driving/
あんしん(adj-na,n,vs) relief/peace of mind/(P)/
安らぐやすらぐ(v5g) to feel at ease/
あんしんかん sense of security/
あんらく(adj-na,n) ease/comfort/carefree/cosy/
あんそくび (n) (Judeo-Christian) Sabbath/
やすうり(n) discount/bargain sale/selling cheaply/(P)/
あんぜんそうちsafety device/
安く がるやすくあがる(exp) to cost little/
安々やすやす(adv) very peaceful/without trouble/
あんしんrelief, peace of mind
安佚あんいつ(n,adj-na) (idle) ease/idleness/indolence/
安堵あんど(n) relief/
安らぎ やすらぎ(n) peace/tranquility/
やすざけcheap sake/