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Kanji: Radical: (おんな) : ; ; entrust to
Joyo grade: 3 Stroke count: 8 Index in Nelson dictionary: 3267 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2553
Japanese Reading English
いじょう(n,vs) transfer/assignment/
いいんかいをおく(exp) to form a committee/
いふ(n) abandonment (rights, property)/
委ねるゆだねる(v1) to entrust to/to devote oneself to/(P)/
いたくはんばい(n) consignment sale/
いいんかい (n) committee meeting/committee/(P)/
いき(n) abandonment/desertion/relinquishment/
いしゅく(adj-na,n) withering/atrophy/contraction/dwarf/
いたくけんきゅう(n) contract research/
いいん(n) committee member/(P)/
いにん(n) charge/trust/(P)/
いきょく(n) details/circumstances/
いいんかいにはかる(exp) to submit (a plan) to a committee for deliberation/
委せるまかせる(oK) (v1) (1) to entrust to another/to leave to/(2) to do something at one's leisure/
いしょく(n,vs) entrusting (with)/(P)/
委しいくわしい(iK) (adj) knowing very well/detailed/full/accurate/
いいんふたくreferral to a committee/
いさい(n) details/particulars/(P)/
いたく(n,vs) consign (goods (for sale) to a firm)/entrust (person with something)/commit/(P)/
いいんちょう (n) committee chairman/
いさいめんだん(exp) details when I see you/
いにんじょう (n) commission/proxy/
いたくせい scholarship student sent by government office or business/