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Kanji: Radical: (つち) : ザイ; あ(る); be
Joyo grade: 5 Stroke count: 6 Index in Nelson dictionary: 1055 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2984
Japanese Reading English
ざいべいちゅう while resident in America/
ざいじゅう(n) resident/
ざいけ(n) (Buddhist) layman or laity/
ざいか(n) stock/goods on hand/
ざいりゅうきかんこうしんきょかextension of visa permit/
ざいにちべいぐんUS Forces, Japan/
ざいきょうちゅう (while) in the capital or in Tokyo/
調ざいこちょうせい(n) inventory (stock) adjustment/
ざいじゅうしゃ a resident/
ざいりゅうがいこくじん foreign residents/
ざいかた(n) rural area/
在り たりありきたり(adj-na) common/ordinary/
ざいにんちゅう (while) holding a post or being in office/
ざいきょう(n) hometown/rural districts/
ざいらいせん (n) an older railroad line/
ざいがいほうじんJapanese nationals resident abroad/overseas Japanese/
ざいえいin Britain/
ざいたく(n) being in/being at home/
ざいにち(n) in Japan/(P)/
ざいがいけんきゅういん (n) research student (worker) abroad/
ざいこひん (n) inventory/goods on hand/(P)/
ざいかん(n) holding office/
在りありつく(v5) to get/to obtain/to come by/
ざいこう(n,vs) being in school/being a student of/
ざいとうきょう situated in Tokyo/
ざいこかんりinventory control/
ざいらい(n) pre-existing/already there/conventional/
ざいたくきんむworking at home/telecommuting/
ざいい(n,vs) reign (i.e of a ruler)/
ざいりゅう(n,vs) stay/remain/reside/(P)/
ざいや(adj-no,n) out of office (power)/in opposition party/
ざいがくしょうめいしょ (n) certificate of student status/student ID card/
ざいがいしさんforeign assets/
ざいてん(n) in heaven/heavenly/
ざいこうせい (n) enrolled student/
ざいごう(n) hometown/rural districts/
在りありかた(n) the way something ought to be/
在韓ざいかんべいぐん U.S. troops stationed in (South) Korean/
ざいごうしゃ rustic/countryman/
ざいえき(n) in prison/in the military/
ざいせきせんじゅうしゃ full-time trade union official/
ざいしょ(n) whereabouts/country/one's home village/one's residence/
ざいちゅう(n) (contained) within/
ざいがいこうかんdiplomatic mission/government establishments overseas/
ざいぞく(n) (Buddhist) layman or laity/
ざいせい(n) being alive/living/
ざいせき(n,vs) enrollment/(P)/
ざいらいしゅ (n) native species/
ざいごうぐんじんex-soldier/a veteran/
ざいにちべいりくぐん US Army, Japan/