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Kanji: Radical: (くち) : ゴウ; あ(う)、あ(わす)、あ(わせる)、あ(い); join, fit
Joyo grade: 2 Stroke count: 6 Index in Nelson dictionary: 383 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2019
Japanese Reading English
がっぺき(n) neighbor with just a wall between/
ごうけんせい constitutionality/
ごうどうかいぎjoint session/
ごうり(n) rational/(P)/
ごうけい(n,vs) sum total/total amount/(P)/
がっしょう(n) alliance of states against a powerful enemy/
合い挽きあいびき(n) beef and pork ground together/
ごうさつ(n) collection in one volume/
がてん(n,vs) consent/assent/understanding/agreement/comprehension/grasp/(P)/
ごうめいがいしゃ(n) unlimited company/unlimited partnership/
合いあいふだ(n) check/
合鍵 あいかぎ(n) pass key/duplicate key/master key/
あいま(n) interval/(P)/
ごうほうか (n) legalization/
あいことば (n) password/watchword/
合うあうfit, suit, match
ごうほう(adj-na,n) legal/lawful/legality/(P)/
がったい(n,vs) unite/combine (into one)/coalesce/alliance/annexation/
ごうべんがいしゃjoint venture or concern/
がっしょうたい chorus/choir/
ごうせいかがくこうぎょうsynthetic chemical industry/
ごうかくしゃめいnames of successful candidates/
ごうちょ(n) joint authorship/
ごうせいほうせきsynthetic gems/
合わ せなうあわせおこなう(v5) to carry on together/to do at the same time/
がっぴょう(n) joint review/joint criticism/
かっせん(n) battle/engagement/(P)/
合わせ砥あわせど(n) double whetstone/
ごうどうぎじゅついいん かいjoint technical committee/
ごうせいじゅしplastics/synthetic resins/
がっしょうづくり structure with a sloping or rafter roof/
ごうりょく(n) resultant force/co-operation/Herculean strength/
宿がっしゅく(n,vs) lodging together/training camp/boarding house/(P)/
ごうけいthe sum total, a total
ごうせいしゅ (n) synthetic sake/
がっしょうれんこう(n) alliance/combining forces/
あいかた(n) (musical) accompaniment/
ごうばん(n) veneer board/plywood/joint publication/(P)/
合い鍵 あいかぎ(n) pass key/duplicate key/master key/
ごうし(n,vs) joint stocks/entering into partnership/
がってん(n,vs) consent/assent/understanding/agreement/comprehension/grasp/
ごうほうせい (n) lawfulness/validity/
ごうどうこうい(formal act of) agreement/
がっさん(n,vs) adding up/totalling/
あいしょう(n) affinity/compatibility/
あいきかい aikido world association/
がてんがいく (v5k-s) to understand/to make out/
合いあいぎ(n) between-season wear/clothes worn in spring or autumn (fall)/