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Kanji: Radical: (かくしがまえ) : ; ; medicine
Joyo grade: 3 Stroke count: 7 Index in Nelson dictionary: 763 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2993
Japanese Reading English
いがくはくしM.D./Doctor of Medicine/
いがくざっし(n) medical journal/
いがくようごmedical term/(P)/
いかしかmedical and dental college/
いだい(n) medical university/medical school/
いかい(n) medical world/
いりょうかごmedical malpractice/
いむしつ medical office/
(n,n-suf,vs) medicine/the healing art/doctor/cure/healing/quenching (thirst)/(P)/
いりょうほうしゅうmedical fee/
いがくのそ founder of medical science/
いがくせいぶつがく medical biology/
いいん(n) doctor's office (surgery)/clinic/dispensary/
いりょうきかいmedical appliances/surgical instruments/
いしかい (n) medical association/
いきょく(n) medical office/dispensary/
いはく(n) doctor of medicine/
いか(n) medical science/medical department/
いしょ(n) medical book/
いがくせい medical student/
いはく(pol) doctor/
いがくかい medical world/
いがくぶ (n) medical faculty/(P)/
いむ(n) medical affairs/
いりょうひ (n) medical expenses/doctor's bill/
いじゅつ(n) medicine/healing art/
いりょうよう medical use/
いがくしゃ (n) medical scientist/
いぎょう(n) medical practice/
いりょうでんどうmedical missionary work/
いりょうざいりょうmedical supplies/
いじ(n) medical practice/
いちょう(n) medical director/chief physician/
いかいmedical society/
いりょうほうじんmedical corporation/
いがく(n) medical science/medicine/(P)/
いかだいがくmedical school/
いがくし (n) Bachelor of Medicine/M.B./
いりょうききmedical equipment/
いりょうしせつmedical facilities/
いがくし history of medicine/
けるいしゃにかける (exp) to entrust to a doctor (for treatment)/
いしゃmedical doctor
チームいりょうチームmedical team/
いしゃ(n) doctor (medical)/(P)/
いかん(n) medical officer/
いしほう (n) medical practitioner's law/
いしゃをよぶ (exp) to call the doctor/
いりょうゆそうき medical transport (plane)/
いがくぎじゅつし medical technician/