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Kanji: Radical: (ちから) : カン; ; perception
Joyo grade: 8 Stroke count: 11 Index in Nelson dictionary: 729 Index in Halpern dictionary: 1777
Japanese Reading English
かんけつ(vs) investigation and decision/
かんせきreproving for a fault/
かんじょうとり bill collector/
ますかんじょうをすます (exp) to pay one's bill/
勘をかせるかんをはたらかせる(exp) to think quickly/to use one's head/
かん(n) perception/intuition/the sixth sense/(P)/
かんどころ(n) finger board (of a musical instrument)/vital point/
勘づくかんづく(v5k) to suspect/to sense/to scent/
かんじょうしょ (n) a bill/a check/
かんこう(n,vs) examination and correction/
かんじょうだかい (adj) calculating/mercenary/closefisted/
かんにん(int,n) pardon/patient endurance/forbearance/forgiveness/
かんじょうがかり cashier/accountant/treasurer/
かんじょうずく (n) a calculating, profit or loss mentality/
かんづく(v5k) (uk) to suspect/to sense (danger)/to scent/
くでかんじょうづくで in a mercenary spirit/
かんじょう(n,vs) calculation/counting/consideration/reckoning/settlement of an account/allowance/(P)/
かんじょうじりbalance of an account/
かんれいconsidering old precedents/
かんべん(n,vs) pardon/forgiveness/forbearance/(P)/
かんじょうば cashier's counter/
かんこう(n,vs) consider/
かんごう(n) checking and verifying/
かんけん(vs) investigation/
かんじょうをはらう (exp) to settle one's account/to pay a bill/
かんじょうがき (n) bill/one's account/
かんぐる(v5r) to be suspicious of/
勘のかんのいいひと person of quick perception/
かんじょうちがい miscalculation/
かんしんcareful investigation/
かんき(n) disfavor/disinheritance/
貿かんごうぼうえきlicensed trade/
かんちがい(n,vs) misunderstanding/wrong guess/(P)/
かんしんreporting after careful investigation/
かんじょうび (n) settlement day/
かんあん(n,vs) taking into consideration/giving consideration (to)/thinking/
かんどう(n) disinheritance/(P)/