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Kanji: Radical: (ひと) : ; えら(い); great
Joyo grade: 8 Stroke count: 12 Index in Nelson dictionary: 506 Index in Halpern dictionary: 148
Japanese Reading English
いじょうふ (n) great man/great god/hero/big man/(P)/
いせき(n) glorious achievements/
いせきremaining works/results of a man's labor/
偉蹟いせきremaining works/results of a man's labor/
いこう(n) great deed/
えらもの(n) great man/
偉そう なえらそうなふうair of importance/
いきょexcellent deeds/
偉 いえらいひとpersonage/
いかん(n) magnificent sight/(P)/
いこう(n) great effect/
偉いえらい(adj) great/celebrated/eminent/terrible/awful/famous/remarkable/excellent/(P)/
偉いですねえらいですね (exp) (uk) good!/great!/
(adj-na,n) greatness/
偉がるえらがる(v5r) to be conceited/
えらぶつ(n) great man/
いざい(n) extraordinary talent/genius/
いくん(n) great achievement/(P)/
いれつ(n) great achievement/
いよう(n) dignity/majestic appearance/
いだい(adj-na,n) greatness/(P)/
いとくoutstanding virtue/
いじん(n) great man/(P)/
いぎょう(n) great enterprise/exploits/(P)/
いりょく(n) power/might/authority/influence/
いさい(n) (man of) great talent/remarkable man/(P)/