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Kanji: Radical: (ひと) : イ、エ; ; depend on
Joyo grade: 8 Stroke count: 8 Index in Nelson dictionary: 426 Index in Halpern dictionary: 84
Japanese Reading English
いそん(n,vs) dependence/dependent/reliance/
依怙いこじ(adj-na,n) obstinacy/stubbornness/
depending on/
いぞん(n,vs) dependence/dependent/reliance/(P)/
としていぜんとして(adv,exp) still/as yet/as of old/(P)/
depending on/(P)/
依怙えこじ(adj-na,n) obstinacy/stubbornness/
いらいじょう (n) written request/
依估贔屓えこひいき(adj-na,n) favoritism/partiality/prejudice/bias/
いがんめんかんretirement at one's own request/
依ってよって(conj) (uk) therefore/consequently/accordingly/because of/
いらいじん client/
いしょく(n,vs) entrusting (with)/
いたく(n) dependence (on someone)/
いぜん(adv,n) still/as yet/(P)/
いきょ(n) dependence/
退いがんたいしょくretirement at one's own request/
依怙贔屓えこひいき(adj-na,n) favoritism/partiality/prejudice/bias/
依估 えこじobstinacy/
いぞんど degree of dependence/(P)/
依る よる(v5r) (uk) to depend on/to be due to/
いぞんしょう (n) (alcohol, drug) dependence/morbid dependence (on alcohol)/
いらいしん (n) spirit of dependence/
いがん(n) in accordance with one's request/
いらいにん client/
依 估いこunfairness/
いらいしゃ (n) client/
いらい(n,vs) request/commission/dispatch/dependence/trust/(P)/
依怙えこ(n) favoritism/partiality/prejudice/bias/
いたくしゃげきfiring from elbow rests/
いぞんせい dependence/