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Kanji: Radical: (ひと) : ハン、バン; ともな(う); accompany
Joyo grade: 8 Stroke count: 7 Index in Nelson dictionary: 396 Index in Halpern dictionary: 60
Japanese Reading English
ばんそう(n) (musical) accompaniment/(P)/
とも(n) companion/follower/
ばんそうぶ accompaniment/
ばんそうしゃ (n) accompanist/
ばんそう(n) accompanying another somewhere/
はんせいいでん(n) sex-linked inheritance/
ばんしょく(n) eating with a guest/nominal official (a slighting term)/
ばんしょくだいじんnominal (figurehead) minister/titular minister/
ばんそう(n) priests assisting at a Buddhist service/
伴侶はんりょ(n) partner/companion/(P)/
ばんせい(n) companion star/
伴うともなう(v5u) to accompany/to bring with/to be accompanied by/to be involved in/(P)/
ばてれん (pt:) (n) Portuguese missionaries (pt: padre)/Christianity/