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Kanji: Radical: (ひと) : カイ、エ; あ(う)、あ(わせる); meeting, association
Joyo grade: 2 Stroke count: 6 Index in Nelson dictionary: 381 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2020
Japanese Reading English
かいそく(n) society or club regulations/constitution/(P)/
かいしょ(n) meeting place/club/
かいかん(n) meeting hall/assembly hall/(P)/
かいしゃこうせいほう (n) Corporate Rehabilitation Law/
あいづぬり Aizu lacquer ware/
会舘かいかん(oK) (n) meeting hall/assembly hall/
かいいん(vs) drinking and carousing together/
かいわのくみ conversation class/
かいどう(n) church/chapel/synagogue/tabernacle/
かいじょう(n) assembly hall/meeting place/the grounds/(P)/
かいしゃ(n) company/corporation/(P)/
かいごう(n) meeting/assembly/(P)/
会をかいをもよおす(exp) to hold a meeting/
かいいんしょう membership certificate/
めるかいしゃをやめる (exp) to leave the company/
かいしょく(n) dining together/mess/(P)/
かいしゃりつ (adj-no) established by the company/
ているかいしゃにでてい る(exp) to work for a company/
かいしゃのぬし great old-timer of the firm/
かいせき(n) meeting place/seats for the public/restaurant dinner/
会のかいのそうりつしゃfounder of a society/
かいとう(n) society president/
かいしゃそう company funeral/
かいけいけい (n) accountant/accounting clerk/cashier/
会うあうmeet, see
かいどく(n) reading-and-discussion meeting/
かいぎしつ conference (assembly) room
かいぎしつ conference room/council room/
かいしゃづとめ serving in a company/
かいぎじょう conference room/place of assembly/
簿かいいんめいぼmembership list/(P)/
かいいんきやくmembership agreement (e.g. for a credit card)/
かいしゃほう (n) corporation law/
かいきちゅう during a session (of the legislature)/
かいしゅsponsor of a meeting/
会厭ええんなんこつ epiglottis/
かいぎしょ (n) place of assembly/
かい(n,n-suf,vs) meeting/assembly/party/association/club/(P)/
(n,vs) understanding/(P)/
かいしん(n) congeniality/satisfaction/(P)/
かいごうにのぞむ (exp) to be present at a meeting/
会をけるかいをぬける(exp) to withdraw from a society (meeting)/
かいは(n) faction/denomination/communion/
かいしゃいん company employee
かいけい(n) account/finance/accountant/treasurer/paymaster/reckoning/bill/(P)/
かいひ(n) membership fee/(P)/
かいけんしゃ interviewer/
かいしょう(n) negotiation/talks/