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Kanji: Radical: (ひと) : ギョウ、コウ; あお(ぐ)、お(す)、あお(のける); look up
Joyo grade: 8 Stroke count: 6 Index in Nelson dictionary: 375 Index in Halpern dictionary: 48
Japanese Reading English
のけざまに(adv) on one's back/
けるあおむける(v1) to turn up (ones face)/
ぎょうかく(n) dramatic angle/
仰のけるあおのける(v1) to turn up (one's face or a card)/
のけぞる(v5r) to bend back/to throw (the head) back/
あおむく(v5k) to look upward/
仰むくあおむく(v5k) to look upward/
仰せおおせ(n) statement/command/wishes (of a superior)/(P)/
仰ぐあおぐ(v5g) to look up (to)/to respect/to depend on/to ask for/to seek/to revere/to drink/to take/(P)/
仰っしゃるおっしゃる(v5aru) (hon) to say/to speak/to tell/to talk/(P)/
仰けぞる のけぞる(v5r) to bend (backward)/
仰のくあおのく(v5k) to look up/
仰せつかるおおせつかる(v5r) to receive a command/to be appointed/to be ordered/
ぎょうぼう(n,vs) look to (for help)/look up to/reverence/
あおむけ(n) face up/(P)/
仰 仰しいぎょうぎょうしい(adj) exaggerated/bombastic/highly colored/
仰ぎあおぎたてまつる(v5) (pol) to look up/
仰せかるおおせつかる(v5r) to receive a command/to be appointed/to be ordered/
仰臥ぎょうが(n) lie on one's back/
仰るとおりですおっしゃるとおりです(hon) I agree with you/
ぎょうさん(adj-na,adv,n) large quantity/plenty/abundance/great many/
ぎょうてん(n,vs) being amazed/being horrified/being taken aback/(P)/
仰せけるおおせつける(v1) to command/to request/to appoint/
ぎょうし(n,vs) looking up to/revering/(P)/
仰ぎあおぎのぞみ(vs) look to (for help)/look up to/reverence/
仰せられるおおせられる (v1) (pol) to say/to state/
仰々しいぎょうぎょうしい(adj) exaggerated/bombastic/highly colored/
仰ぎあおぎみる(v1) to look up/