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Kanji: Radical: (しんにょう) : シン; すす(む)、すす(める); advancing
Joyo grade: 3 Stroke count: 11 Index in Nelson dictionary: 4709 Index in Halpern dictionary: 3121
Japanese Reading English
調ちょうしん(n) preparation/supplying/procurement/
にしんぎ(n) binary tree/
こうしん (n,vs) march/parade/(P)/
てんしん (n) changing course or direction/shifting position/
悸亢進しんきこうしん(n) palpitations (of the heart)/
にしんほう(n) binary number system/
しょうじんりょうり style of vegetarian cuisine/
ちしんじ(n) slow learner/
かんじんちょう(n) temple solicitation book/
き進むつきすすむ (v5m) to push on/to plunge forward/to push one's way to/
せんしんへいきadvanced weapon(ry)/
きゅうしんしゅぎしゃradical (person)/
へいしん (n,vs) keeping pace with/keeping abreast of/
きゅうしんとう radical political party/
もうしん (n) rushing madly ahead/
挺進ていしん(n,vs) go ahead of/
ち進むかちすすむ (v5m) to win and advance to the next round/
るいしんぜい (n) progressive tax/
ぜんしんぶたい advance troops/
とっしん (n,vs) rush/charge/
やかに進むゆるやかにす すむ(exp) to proceed slowly/
しんしんさっか (n) rising novelist/
すいしんりょく(n) propulsive power/driving force/
はんばいそくしん sales promotion/
せんしんこく(n) advanced (developed) country/advanced nations/(P)/
けっこんこうしんきょく wedding march/
はっしん (n) departure/takeoff/
の進ちょうそくのしんぽ rapid progress (strides)/
ぶんしん (vs) dividing and advancing/
しんしん (n) rising/up-and-coming/
じっしん (adj-na) decimal system/deciam/
退いっしんいったい (n) now advancing and now retreating/ebb and flow/seesawing/fluctuating/
やくしん(n) rush/dash/onslaught/dancing ahead/(P)/
しょうじんおちfirst meal (including meat or fish) taken after a period of abstinence)/
しょうじん(n) concentration/diligence/devotion/purification/(P)/
よりへ進むいよりなんへすすむto proceed from the easy to the difficult/
へいしん (n,vs) advancing together/
かりしんきゅうconditional promotion/
ぜんしんりょくdriving power/
しょうじんあげ (n) vegetable tempura/
きしん (n,vs) contribution/donation/
じっしんせいdecimal system/
ちゅうしん (n,vs) information/making a report (to a superior)/
進も進もにっちもさっちも (adv,exp) in no way/
ちょとつもうしん (n) headlong/foolhardy/reckless/
すいしん (n) propulsion/driving force/(P)/
かいがいしんしゅつ (n) advance (e.g. of Japanese exports) into overseas markets/
退しゅっしょしんたいadvancing and retreating/appearance and disappearance/one's daily activities/one's course of action/one's attitude/
ちょくしん(n,vs) going right on/going straight ahead/(P)/
が進むしょくがすすむ(exp) to have a good appetite/
ほくしん (n,vs) proceeding north/
ぜんしん (n) gradual progress/steady advance/(P)/
じょうしん(n) progress/advance/
邁進ちょくおうまいしん(n) push boldly forward/
へ進むだいがくへすすむ(exp) to enter a university/
こうしんきょく(n) a march/
悸昂進しんきこうしん(n) palpitations (of the heart)/
きゅうしんは(n) radical faction or group/
ぜんしん (n) advance/drive/progress/(P)/
かいしん(n) bringing up to date/progress/
きょうしんかい(n) competitive exhibition/prize show/
ようけいしんか neoteny/mature sexually while in physical infancy/
せんしん(n) seniority/advance/leadership/
かんじん (n) temple solicitation/(P)/
えいしん (n) promotion/advancement/
にしん (adj-na,n) binary/
ぶんれつこうしん (n) marching in file/
ぜんしんかくangle of advance/
かいしんとう a progressive party/
るいしん (n) successive promotion/gradual promotion/graduated/(P)/
くっしん(n,vs) excavation/tunnel/
こうしんこく(n) undeveloped country/third world country/
かんじんもと (n) backer/promoter/
とうしん (n,vs) proceeding east/
進も進もかないにっちもさっちも いかないbe driven into a corner/have no way out/
きゅうしん(n,vs) rapid progress/radical/
えいしん (n) presentation of poem (to court)/
を進めるほをすすめる(exp) to make progress/to step forward/
もうしん (n) rushing recklessly/presumption/
を進めるさらにいっぽをすすめる(exp) to go a step further/
ゆうしん (adj-na,n,vs) dashing forward bravely/
こうしん(n) (1) one's junior/(2) developing/backward/
を進めるぐんをすすめる(exp) to move troops forward/
を進めるけいかくをすすめる(exp) to carry a plan forward/
陞進しょうしん(n,vs) promotion/rising in rank/
きんきゅうはっしん (n) scrambling/scramble/
なんしん (n,vs) proceeding south/
しょうじんびday of abstinence/
み進むよみすすむ (v5m) to go on reading/
ぞうしん (n,vs) promoting/increase/advance/(P)/
に進むうえのきゅうにす すむ(exp) to move up to a higher grade/
退しゅっしょしんたいadvancing and retreating/appearance and disappearance/one's daily activities/one's course of action/one's attitude/
ぐしん(n) giving offerings/
にっしんげっぽ (n) steady progress/rapid advance/
いっぽぜんしん a step forward/
るいしんかぜい progressive taxation/graduated taxation/
しんしんきえい(n) young and energetic/up-and-coming/
を進めるこうじをすすめる(exp) to hasten (speed up) the works/
昂進こうしん(n,vs) rising/exasperated/accelerated/
ぜんしんうんどう forward motion/
ぜんしんしゅぎ gradualism/slow-and-steady policy/
じっしんほう(n) decimal system/
こうしん (n,vs) rising/exasperated/accelerated/
ぐんたいこうしんきょく military march/
が進むにれてぶんめいがすすむにつれてwith the advance of civilization/
きゅうしんてき(adj-na) radical/
邁進ゆうおうまいしん(n) dash and go/pushing forward/
じっしんぶんるいほう(n) decimal classification/Dewey (decimal) classification/
ジェットジェットすいしんけん きゅうしょJet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) (US)/
亢進こうしん(n) rise/acceleration/exasperation/
しょうしん(n) promotion/(P)/
そくしん (n,vs) promotion/acceleration/encouragement/facilitation/spurring on/(P)/
驀進ばくしん(n,vs) dash/rush/
し進めるおしすすめる (v1) to press forward/
とくしん (n) special promotion (in rank or grade)/
ぜんしんきちadvance base/
すいしんき (n) propeller/
かんしん reporting after careful investigation/
みしん(n) nonpayment of tribute/
そうそうこうしんきょくfuneral journey (march)/
ぜんしんてき(adj-na) gradual/
邁進まいしん(n,vs) push forward/struggle on/
きんろうしゃざいさんけいせいそくしん (workers) asset formation/
ぜんしんじくaxis of advance/
り進めるのりすすめる (v1) to ride forth/
挺進ていしんたいgroup that goes ahead of the main body/