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Kanji: Radical: () : ; す(てる); abandon
Joyo grade: 8 Stroke count: 13 Index in Nelson dictionary: 326 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2137
Japanese Reading English
かいようとうきdumping at sea/
ほうき (n,vs) abandonment/renunciation/abdication (responsibility, right)/(P)/
はいきぶつ waste matter/waste/garbage/trash/(P)/
とうき(n,vs) abandonment/giving up/throwing away/
を棄てるけんりをすてる(exp) to abandon one's rights/
抛棄ほうき(n) resignation/abandonment/
いき (n) abandonment/desertion/relinquishment/
じぼうじき(adj-na,n) desperation/despair/self-abandonment/
唾棄 だき(n) contemptuous/despicable/
ふほうとうき(n) unlawful dumping (e.g. of garbage)/
したいいき abandon a corpse/
かくはいきぶつ (n) nuclear waste(s)/
はいき (n,vs) annullment/disposal/abandon/scrap/discarding/repeal/
さんぎょうはいきぶつ(n) industrial waste(s)/
いき (n) abandonment/desertion/relinquishment/
ほうしゃせいはいきぶつ(n) radioactive waste/
じき (n) despair/desperation/abandonment/(P)/
やけのみ (n) drowning one's cares in drink/
いきかもつ abandoned goods/
やけざけ(n) drowning one's cares in drink/
毀棄きき(n,vs) destroying/demolishing/damage/
やけ (n) despair/desperation/abandonment/(P)/
棄糞やけくそ(adj-na,n) desperation/
はき (n,vs) revocation/annulment/breaking (e.g. treaty)/(P)/
こうそききゃくdismissal of an intermediate appeal/
かいようとうききせい じょうやくConvention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matters/