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Kanji: Radical: () : ショウ、キュウ; あつか(う)、あつか(い); handle
Joyo grade: 8 Stroke count: 6 Index in Nelson dictionary: 1836 Index in Halpern dictionary: 217
Japanese Reading English
り扱うとりあつかう(v5u) to treat/to handle/to deal in/(P)/
とりあつかい (n) treatment/service/handling/management/(P)/
ボール扱いがボールあつかいがうまいbeing good at handling a ball/
り扱いいしつぶつとりあつかい じょlost and found office/
扱いこどもあつかい(n) treating someone like a child/
とりあつかいせつめいしょuser's manual/handling instructions/
扱いとりあつかい (n) treatment/service/handling/management/(P)/
扱いじむとりあつかい (n) acting director/
とりあつかいにんagent/person in charge/
扱いとくべつあつかい(n) special (preferential) treatment/by express or special delivery/
に扱うじょうずにあつか う(exp) to handle skillfully/
り扱いとりあつかいかたway of handling/(P)/
扱ぎねこぎ (n) uprooting/
扱いゆうせんあつかいpriority treatment/preferential treatment/
り扱いとりあつかいちゅうい handling warning/(P)/
扱きいねこき (n) rice threshing/
を扱うくすりをあつかう (exp) to deal in medicines/
扱いたにんあつかいtreating like a stranger/
に扱うそまつにあつかう(exp) to handle (a thing) roughly/
に扱うひとをこうへいに あつかう(exp) to deal justly with a person/
扱いこぐちあつかい small lot consignment/
扱いしゅっせきあつかいregard as equivalent to attendance/
り扱いとりあつかい (n) treatment/service/handling/management/(P)/
扱きむぎこき (n) wheat threshing/
を扱うもんだいをあつか う(exp) to deal with (handle) a matter/
扱いたくあつかい(n) home delivery/
扱いにあつかい (n) handling of freight/
扱いきゃくあつかい (n) hospitality/(P)/
り扱いじむとりあつかい (n) acting director/
を扱うきかいをあつかう(exp) to handle a tool/to work a machine/
とりあつかいちゅうい handling warning/(P)/
便とくしゅとりあつかいゆ うびんspecial mail/
り扱いとりあつかいせつめいしょuser's manual/handling instructions/
扱いこにもつあつかい parcel consignment/
り扱とりあつかい (n) treatment/service/handling/management/(P)/