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Kanji: Radical: (ちから) : ; くわ(える)、くわ(わる); add
Joyo grade: 4 Stroke count: 5 Index in Nelson dictionary: 716 Index in Halpern dictionary: 38
Japanese Reading English
せっか(n) fan-tailed warbler/
ばいか (n,vs) doubling/(P)/
けいえいさんか labor participation in management/
け加えるつけくわえる (v1) to add one thing to another/(P)/
るかSt Luke/
あめりかがっしゅうこく the United States of America/
しちょうしゃさんかばんぐみaudience participation program/
け加えるとつけくわえる とadditionally/in addition/
じょうやくかめいこく(n) signatory countries/members of a treaty/
ほうが(n) donation/
冥加いのちみょうが(adj-na,n) providential protection/
さんかこく(n) participating nation/
じゅうかさんぜい (n) heavy additional tax(ation)/
てんかざいaddition agent/
ぞうか (n,vs) increase/addition/(P)/
ゆかげん(n) water temperature/
なんねんかこう fireproof/
しょくひんてんかぶつ(n) food additive/
冥加みょうがきん(n) monetary offering/
いんかでんあつ applied voltage/
ひかげん(n) condition of fire/
ふかぜい(n) additional tax/
じゅしかこう resin treatment/
あめりか (uk) America/
はんかこうひん semiprocessed goods/
け加えつけくわえadd (something)/
てんかぶつ(n) addition/additive/appendix/
ぼうすいかこう waterproof finish/
に加えるなかまにくわえる(exp) to include in the circle/
そりゅうしかそくき particle accelerator/
ぼうちゅうかこう (adj-no) mothproof (finish)/
ねんこうかほう long service allowance/longevity pay/(P)/
しょくひんかこうぎょう food industry/
匙加さじかげん(n) prescription/consideration/making allowances for/
てかげん (n,vs,exp) going easy on someone/take situational peculiarities into consideration/rough estimate/making an allowance for/
せいろかびょういん St Luke Hospital/
を加えるしゅひつをくわえる(v1) to make corrections/(P)/
みずかげん(n) amount of water/
るいか (n) acceleration/progressive increase/(P)/
に加えにくわえin addition/
ついかりょうきんadditional fees/charges/
さんかいしき (n) sense of participation/
そうかへいきん (n) arithmetic mean/
それに加えてそれにくわえて in addition to this/
にわかきょうげん(n) farce/extravaganza/
き加えるかきくわえる (v1) to add (e.g. a postscript)/
てんかもの(n) addition/additive/appendix/
ほうがちょう(n) subscription list/
じんこうぞうか (n,vs) (allowing for) population increase/rise in population/
冥加みょうが(adj-na,n) (Buddhism) divine protection or blessing/
さんか (n,vs) participation/(P)/
ふさんか(n) abstention/nonparticipation/
すいさんかこうひんprocessed marine products/
ふかかちぜい(n) value-added tax/(P)/
い加いいかげん(adj-na,adv,exp,n) moderate/right/random/not thorough/vague/irresponsible/halfhearted/
さが加わるあつさがくわ わる(exp) to get hotter/
ぞうかりつ(n) rate of increase/
に加わるかいぎにくわわる(exp) to take part in a conference/
ついかちゅうもん (n) additional order/
を加えるあつりょくをくわえる(exp) to apply pressure to/to press/
いい加にしなさいいいかげんにしなさいShape up!/Act properly!/
さんかきぼうしゃthose interested in participating/persons wishing to participate/
ふか(n,vs) addition/annexation/appendage/(P)/
しおかげん(n) seasoning/
あめりかすぎ redwood/
ぼうしゅくかこう pre-shrunk/
てんか (n,vs) addition/annexing/(P)/
いい加いいかげん(adj-na,adv,exp,n) moderate/right/random/not thorough/vague/irresponsible/halfhearted/(P)/
を加えるてごころをくわえる(exp) to take into consideration/to use one's discretion/
サービスふかかちサービスvalue added service/
し加つやだしかこう adding luster/
ついか (n,vs) addition/supplement/appendix/(P)/
ついかよさんsupplementary budget/
せいろかSaint Luke's (Tokyo Hospital)/
きんぞくかこう (n) metalworking/
に加えてにくわえてin addition/
にっかJapan and Canada/
ふかかち (n) added value/value added/