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Kanji: Radical: (ひと) : ; ; by means of
Joyo grade: 4 Stroke count: 5 Index in Nelson dictionary: 348 Index in Halpern dictionary: 41
Japanese Reading English
ゆえん(n) reason/way of doing/cause/grounds/
ちゅういじょうabove average/
にんげんいじょう(adj-no) superhuman/
を以てこがたなをもってころ す(exp) to kill (a person) with a knife/
にんげんいぜん(adj-no) prehuman/
以てなおもって (adv) all the more/
いちねんいないにwithin a year/(P)/
以てまえもって (adv) in advance/beforehand/previously/
それ以それいらいsince then/from that time/ever since/
を以ていつをもってろうをま つ(exp) to wait for the enemy to tire at ease/
以ていまもって(adv) still/yet/(not) yet/
を以てぶんをもってたつ(exp) to live by the pen/
く以てまったくもって (exp) as a matter of fact/
ゆうしいらい (n-t) since the dawn of history/
を以てたるじゃくをもってきょ うにあたるattacking strength by means of (with) weakness/
ず以てまずもって(adv) first of all/in the first place/
だ以てはなはだもって (exp) exceedingly/
きを以てやまたかきをもってbecause the mountain is high/
いちじかんいないwithin one hour/