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Hide details for 陰インかげ、かげ(る)
陰りかげり(n) shadow or cloud (e.g. on someone's happiness)/shade/gloom/
かげ(n) shade/shadow/other side/(P)/
陰極線いんきょくせん(n) cathode rays/
陰門いんもん(n) (female) genitalia/pubes/
陰惨いんさん(adj-na,n) sadness and gloom/
陰陽いんよう(n) cosmic dual forces/yin and yang/sun and moon, etc./(P)/
陰核いんかく(n) clitoris/
陰気いんき(adj-na,n) gloom/melancholy/(P)/
陰萎いんい(adj-no,n) impotence/
陰謀を企てるいんぼうをくわだてる(exp) to plot against/
陰気臭いいんきくさい(adj) dismal/gloomy/
陰徳いんとく(n) secret charity/
陰欝いんうつ(adj-na,n) gloom/
陰と陽いんとようthe positive and the negative/
陰鬱いんうつ(adj-na,n) gloom/melancholy/
陰で動くかげでうごくto act behind the scenes/
陰湿いんしつ(adj-na,n) dampness of shady places/
陰毛いんもう(n) pubic hair/pubes/
陰文いんぶん(n) lettering of an engraving/
陰性反応いんせいはんのうnegative reaction (in patient)/
陰極線管いんきょくせんかん(n) cathode-ray tube/CRT/
陰唇いんしん(n) the labium/labia/
陰陽道おんみょうどう(n) Onmyoudou/Way of Yin and Yang/occult divination system based on the Taoist theory of the five elements/
陰画いんが(n) a negative/
陰陽の理おんみょうのりprinciple of duality/
陰極管いんきょくかん(n) cathode(-ray) tube/
陰嚢ふぐり(adj-na,n) scrotum/testicles/scrotal/
陰るかげる(v5r) to darken/to get dark/to be clouded/to be obscured/(P)/

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