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悪貨は良貨を駆逐するあくかはりょうかをくちくする(exp) Bad money drives out good money/
悪性あくしょう(adj-na,n) evil nature/licentiousness/lewdness/
悪の巷あくのちまたskid row/underworld/
悪癖あくへき(n) bad habit/vice/(P)/
悪に染まるあくにそまる(exp) to steeped in vice/
悪計あくけい(n) plot/trick/evil scheme/
悪玉あくだま(n) bad character/bad person/villain/baddie/
悪血あくち(n) impure blood/
悪天使あくてんしevil angels/
悪言あくげん(n) uncomplimentary remarks/slander/
悪夢あくむ(n) nightmare/bad dream/(P)/
悪書あくしょ(n) harmful book/
悪路あくろ(n) bad road/
悪戯あくぎ(adj-na,n,vs) tease/prank/trick/practical joke/mischief/(P)/
悪知恵わるぢえ(n) craft/cunning/guile/serpentine wisdom/
悪意あくい(n) ill will/malice/spite/evil intention/bad faith/(P)/
悪心あくしん(n) (1) evil thought/malicious motive/(2) nausea/urge to vomit/
悪性腫瘍あくせいしゅようmalignant tumor/
悪癖わるぐせ(n) bad habit/vice/
悪達者わるだっしゃ(adj-na,n) fast slipshod work/
悪寒おかん(n) chill/shakes/ague/(P)/
悪水あくすい(n) undrinkable water/
悪天候あくてんこう(n) bad weather/
悪僧あくそう(n) dissolute priest/
悪口わるぐち(n) abuse/insult/slander/evil speaking/
悪妻あくさい(n) bad wife/
悪酒あくしゅ(n) cheap liquor/
悪食あくじき(n,vs) eating poor food/eating meat/eating repulsive things/
悪霊あくりょう(n) evil spirit/

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