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因業いんごう(adj-na,n) heartless/cruel/causes and actions/results of actions in previous life/
因果応報いんがおうほう(n) retribution/karma/
因循いんじゅん(adj-na,n) indecision/vacillation/
因由いんゆ(n) cause/
因果いんが(adj-na,n) cause and effect/karma/fate/(P)/
因るよる(v5r) to come from/(P)/
因をなすいんをなす(exp) to give rise to/to cause/
因ってよって(conj) (uk) therefore/consequently/accordingly/because of/
因習いんしゅう(n) convention/tradition/long-established custom/
因数いんすう(n) factor (in math)/
因子分析いんしぶんせきfactor analysis/
いん(n) cause/factor/(P)/
因となり果となるいんとなりかとなるto constitute the cause and effect/
因果律いんがりつ(n) law of cause and effect/principle of causality/
因縁いんねん(n) fate/connection/origin/pretext/(P)/
因循姑息いんじゅんこそく(n) dilly-dallying and temporizing/

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