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逸れるそれる(v1) to stray (turn) from subject/to get lost/to go astray/(P)/
逸機いっき(n) missing a chance/
逸るはぐる(v5r) (uk) to stray from/to get lost/
逸品いっぴん(n) article of rare beauty/gem/(P)/
逸脱いつだつ(n,vs) deviation/omission/
逸っするいっする(vs-s) to lose (a chance)/to miss (a chance)/to deviate/to forget/
逸足いっそく(n) fast runner/excellence/
逸らすそらす(v5s) to turn away/to avert/(P)/
逸球いっきゅう(n) muffed ball/
逸物いちぶつ(n) excellent person/superb article/
逸れ矢それや(n) stray arrow/
逸るはやる(v5r) to be in high spirits/to be impatient/to be hotblooded/
逸出いっしゅつ(n) escape/excelling/prominence/
逸れ玉それだま(n) stray bullet/
逸走いっそう(n,vs) escape/scud/scamper away/
逸を以て労を待ついつをもってろうをまつ(exp) to wait for the enemy to tire at ease/
逸話いつわ(n) anecdote/(P)/
逸早くいちはやく(adv) promptly/
逸文いつぶん(n) unknown or lost writings/
逸民いつみん(n) retired person/recluse/
逸するいっする(vs-s) to lose (a chance)/to miss (a chance)/to deviate/to forget/

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