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育むはぐくむ(io) (v5m) to raise/to rear/to bring up/(P)/
育種所いくしゅじょ(plant) nursery/
育児時間いくじじかんnursing time/
育児書いくじしょ(n) book on child-rearing/
育成栽培いくせいさいばいvegetable and fruit growing/
育児院いくじいんorphanage/nursery school/
育て上げるそだてあげる(v1) to raise (to maturity)/to rear/to train/to educate/
育種家いくしゅか(plant) breeder/
育児法いくじほうchild rearing practice/
育くむはぐくむ(v5m) to raise/to rear/to bring up/
育ち行くそだちゆく(v5k-s) to grow up/
育種いくしゅ(n,vs) (plant) breeding/
育ち過ぎるそだちすぎる(v1) to be overgrown/
育つそだつ(v5t) to raise (child)/to be brought up/to grow (up)/(P)/
育て親そだておやfoster parent/
育て方そだてかたmethod of bringing up/method of raising/
育生いくせい(n) rearing/training/nurture/cultivation/promotion/
育ちが良いそだちがよいbe well-bred/
育苗いくびょう(n) raising seedlings/
育てるそだてる(v1) to be brought up/to raise/to rear/to bring up/(P)/
育英会いくえいかい(n) scholarship society/educational society/
育児園いくじえんbaby nursery/baby-farm/(P)/

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