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Hide details for 違ちが(う)、ちが(い)
違算いさん(n) miscalculation/
違いないちがいない(adj,exp) (phrase) sure/no mistaking it/for certain/(P)/
違憲いけん(n) unconstitutionality/(P)/
違反者いはんしゃviolator (of a law)/
違法いほう(adj-na,n) illegal/illegality/unlawfulness/(P)/
違式いしき(n) informality/breach of etiquette/
違えるちがえる(v1) to change/(P)/
違い棚ちがいだな(n) set of staggered shelves/
違約金いやくきん(n) penalty for contract breach/
違令いれい(n) violation of law/
違憲性いけんせい(n) unconstitutionality/
違犯いはん(n) violation (of law)/transgression/infringement/breach/
違心いしんtreacherous designs/
違うちがう(v5u) to differ (from)/(P)/
違約いやく(n) breach of contract/default/
違い無いちがいない(adj,exp) (phrase) sure/no mistaking it/for certain/
違いちがい(n,n-suf) difference/discrepancy/(P)/
違和いわ(n) physical disorder/
違例いれい(n) unconventionality/
違和感いわかん(n) malaise/incompatibility/
違警罪いけいざい(n) (relatively minor) offense against police regulations/
違法行為いほうこうい(n) illegal act/
違背いはい(n) violation/transgression/
違棚ちがいだな(n) set of staggered shelves/
違反いはん(n) violation (of law)/transgression/infringement/breach/(P)/
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