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衣冠いかん(n) kimono and ancient head-dress/
衣装いしょう(n) clothing/costume/outfit/garment/dress/(P)/
衣手ころもで(n) sleeve/
ころも(n) clothes/(P)/
衣更えころもがえ(n) seasonal change of clothing/changing (one's) dress for the season/
衣摺れきぬずれ(n) rustling of clothes/
衣服いふく(n) clothes/(P)/
衣紋えもん(n) dress/clothes/drapery/
衣料いりょう(n) clothing/(P)/
衣紋掛けえもんかけrack for hanging kimono/
衣食住いしょくじゅう(n) necessities of life (food, clothing, etc.)/(P)/
衣擦れきぬずれ(n) rustling of clothes/
衣香いこう(n) perfume on the clothing/
衣桁いこう(n) clothes rack/
衣替えころもがえ(n,vs) (1) change of dress/seasonal changing of clothes/
衣裳いしょう(n) clothing/costume/outfit/garment/dress/
衣帯いたい(n) clothes and obi/full court dress/
衣鉢いはつ(n) mysteries of one's master's art/(P)/
衣糧いりょう(n) food and clothing/
衣食いしょく(n) food and clothing/livelihood/living/
衣架いか(n) clothes rack/
衣類いるい(n) clothes/clothing/garments/(P)/
衣魚しみ(gikun) (n) silverfish/clothes moth/bookworm/
衣料品店いりょうひんてん(n) clothing store/
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遺跡いせき(n) historic ruins (remains, relics)/(P)/
遺言書ゆいごんしょ(n) testament/
遺著いちょ(n) posthumous work/

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